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Mulberry Silk Tee Set

Mulberry Silk Tee Set

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This relaxed-fit duo features slits in the back and deep side slits to promote extra airflow, easy movement, and of course an enticing peek at what lies beneath. Designed to be exceptionally comfortable and versatile. The pajama top is perfect to be worn from bedroom to street.


Our lustrous, ultra-lightweight and heavenly smooth silk is made from pure natural mulberry silk, the highest quality type of silk in the world. The silk’s breathability and thermo-regulating nature helps your body maintain a natural temperature – since getting stuffy at night is too old a problem!  

  • 100% natural mulberry silk
  • Breathable and thermo-regulating
  • OEKO-TEX® certified for chemical safety

Care guide

Hand wash gently with your favorite shampoo and/or fabric softener. Lay flat to dry.

You can also machine wash cold on delicate cycle with mild detergent. Tips: Slip your silk sleepwear into a delicates bag. Do not tumble dry. 

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